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A Make-up artist (or 'Makeup Artist') is an artist whose medium is the human body,  applying makeup and prosthetics for theatrical, television, film, fashion,
magazines and other similar productions 
including all aspects of the modeling industry. Awards given for this profession in the entertainment industry include the Academy Award for Makeup and even several entertainment industry awards such as the Emmy awards and the Golden Globesto name a few. In the United States as well as the other parts of the globe, professional licenses are required by agencies in order for them to hire the MUA. Bigger production companies  have in-house makeup artists on their payroll although most MUA’s generally are freelance and their times remain flexible depending on the projects.The use of digital cameras may have made the use of bridal make up more popular                           .

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Makeup techniques
Fashion Makeup
Fashion makeup is used in magazine photography as well as on the fashion runway. Avant Garde Makeup[7] is also an applicable technique used for projects that require experimental themes. Fashion makeup is also commonly used in television and film ranging for the natural prime look to more sophisticated applications such as color balance.
Theatrical Makeup
Stage makeup is used as a method in conjunction with stage lighting to highlight the actors' faces in order make expressions visible to the audience from moderate distances. This often includes defining the eyes and lips as well as the highlights and lowlights of the facial bones.
Special Effects Makeup (FX Makeup)
The use of special effects techniques enhancing physical features to exhibit metaphysical characteristics as well as fantasy makeup. The use of prosthetics and plaster casting are also required for projects that entails non-human appearances. Accents such as theatrical blood and ooze are also techniques applicable to this type of makeup.
The use of an airbrush which is a small air-operated device that sprays various media including alcohol and water-based makeup by a process of nebulization. The earliest record of this type of cosmetic application dates back to the 1925 film version of Ben-Hur, it has recently been re-popularized by the advent of HDTV and Digital Photography, wh the camera focuses on higher depths of detail. Liquid Foundations that are high in coverage but thin in texture are applied with the airbrush for full coverage without a heavy build-up of product.
Bridal Makeup
Bridal Makeup is a new segment in a makeup artist's repertoire. From ethnic, to glamorous to contemporary, makeup artists are now an important part of wedding planning; in Asia, Europe and North America.
High Definition
This is an art which involves the use of light reflectors and ingredients such as minerals to give the skin a flawless finish. This was developed due to the further development of High Definition mediums and the cost implications of airbrush makeup.

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